Try Daylite+ for free and use Daylite in the browser.

From now on, you can test our extension suite Daylite+ with all additional features free of charge for 30 days. Our Daylite+ customers receive a 10% discount on our consulting services.

We have created a new Daylite+ plugin for you, which allows you to turn on and off all additional features. Our Daylite+ extension pack for Daylite also gives you access to your Daylite data in the web browser.

Along with the release of the Plus plugin, you can now use your Daylite calendar in your web browser. The iOWeb web interface for Daylite is an absolute added value for you as a Daylite user. Work live with your Daylite data on any operating system, such as Windows or Android.

These additional functions are available with Daylite+:

– Filter by permissions

Open new items in a separate tab instead of a slideover: This is extremely useful if you have come across many slideoovers from a project about the company to a person and now want to continue working with it.

Benefit from dynamic tab labeling: Tabs you open in Daylite are named accordingly. This helps you keep track of your open tabs.

Link any opportunities to projects: Link projects and opportunities, even if you didn’t create the project from an opportunity.

Use the form bulk edit function for forms: Editing forms is very time-consuming and error-prone. This feature speeds up the process as you can now change values of multiple fields or access rights for selected forms with one click.

Use scheduled scripts for automations: Decide when automations should start.

Prevent double booking of resources: check the availability of company cars, meeting rooms, etc. within the appointment.

See and change company data directly on the person: With Daylite+, you can also see all information about the corresponding company within a person data record without having to switch views.

Have URL links displayed directly on the project: Add any URLs to your Daylite objects.

Use multiple Acuity scheduling accounts: Offer appointments in different languages or regions. Appointments are synchronized with your Daylite account and your availabilities.

Enable group events for Acuity: multiple people can be invited to or removed from a Daylite appointment.

– Use Acuity notifications for Daylite appointments.

– Use multiple cost centers in conjunction with sevDesk, Fastbill or QuickBooks.

Connect the ERP system Holded to Daylite.

Connect the Swiss ERP system Shakehands to Daylite: For our Swiss customers we offer an integration of the accounting software Shakehands.

– Use multiple Teams or Webex accounts for one Daylite system.

How do I subscribe to Daylite+

How do I subscribe to Daylite+ if I already have an exisiting plugin subscription?

We are here to help!

Questions? Contact our team or visit our HelpCenter