Communication with all channels

Do your customers communicate with you via email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS and maybe a website chat? Is the sheer volume of messaging channels you need to monitor already creating stress?

Then Missive is just what you need! Missive is your communication hub for connecting with your customers, no matter what channel.

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Missive – email and social media communication everywhere

You have just one central inbox where communication from all channels lands.
Missive is more than just a simple email client. Work with keywords to categorize and easily find emails. Use templates for frequently needed replies or create complex automations that reply or redirect emails based on your own rules. Use integrations to Dropbox, Zoom, or Daylite.
But the biggest productivity gain comes from using Missive as a team. You can assign mails – also rule-based – to individual persons or to a team. Compose a reply together with colleagues in team mode or chat directly on a email with a colleague if you have a query. Central signature management ensures that all team members mail with a consistent signature. Did your logo change or are you running a marketing campaign?
With just one change, everyone has a customized sender. Templates for replies, keywords or smart rules can also be managed centrally.
With Missive you can achieve Inbox Zero!

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How Missive supports you

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Collective email addresses like

With Missive, the processing of general mailboxes finally becomes transparent. See who took over answering an email or assign an email to a specific colleague or team. The message disappears from your mailbox and appears in the inbox of the team or colleague. This workflow can also be automated via rules.

Social media, WhatsApp or SMS

Missive not only processes emails, but also text messages, WhatsApp chats, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram messages. Each new message appears in the inbox you define and can be replied to from within Missive.

Website Chats

Set up a live chat on your business website to chat with visitors directly in real time. Thanks to Missive, your entire team can take care of replying. And everyone can see immediately if a message is already answered.

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Forwarding emails is so yesterday

If you have a query, want to discuss an idea, or just want to ask your colleague to take a look at an email, simply start a chat. Mentioning your colleague ensures that they can follow the entire message flow and you can even edit the email together.

E-Mail Templates and Text Modules

Create email templates or boilerplate text for messages you send frequently. Respond to customer inquiries quickly and more reliably, without spending too much time on them. These email templates can be set up to be available to the entire company, a specific team, or individuals.

Email history of a customer

Want to quickly check which mails have been exchanged with a contact? With one click, Missive shows you the email history of a specific contact, or all people with the same sender domain. This way you are always in the loop before composing a reply.

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Manager Mode

For each team created in Missive, you can determine who is actively involved in editing messages and who gets monitoring access. Active team members see every new message in their inbox. Managers can view the inbox as needed.

Assistance Function

Do you work as an assistant to a supervisor and help them answer personal emails? With Missive, you can allow shared access to personal mailboxes. This way, an assistant can pre-write responses and the manager just reviews and sends them.

Zero Inbox

With Missive, you have a real chance at Zero Inbox. Zero Inbox means that you can actually empty your inbox on a daily basis. This becomes possible because you can delegate mails to others, reply faster with templates, clarify queries directly on a message and also snooze an email.

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iOM – Missive Daylite Integration

The iOSXpert Mail Integration for Daylite (iOM) integrates a unique email client with the leading CRM system on the Apple platform. What’s more, Missive-Daylite integration not only works on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, but also on Windows, Android, or on any Internet browser. This way, you also integrate users without Apple devices into your Daylite environment.

Filing messages

Link emails to existing contacts from Daylite and add the email to Daylite’s contact history.

Create tasks

Create a new Daylite task from the email. Alternatively, you can create a task from a chat comment in Missive.

Transfer attachments

Übertragen Sie Attachments von E-Mails in Daylite. Diese Funktion ist derzeit nur unter MacOS verfügbar.

Search and create contacts & companies

Search for an existing contact in Daylite and add the alternate email address to their record. Create a new person or company in Daylite.

Search and create projects & opportunities

Search for a project or opportunity already existing or create new ones on the fly. 

View objects in Daylite & iOWeb

Jump from a linked object directly to the corresponding Daylite object or open the object in iOWeb, Daylite’s web interface.

HTML Templates

Create visually appealing emails with text and images or other content.

Email Chains

Send a series of emails with a time delay to one or more contacts.

Send Later

Send e-mails at a later time that you specify.

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