Creating a Daylite contact from LinkedIn – for a long time, this feature has been one of the most requested functionalities of our Daylite community.

We have finally succeeded in fulfilling this wish for the customers of our Plus Package for Daylite. Customers from the recruitment and human resources sectors will be particularly pleased.

On the one hand, you can now search for people in LinkedIn in Web&Map’s integrated browser and add them as contacts. On the other hand, you can see directly from the personal data record in your Copilot whether the selected contact is already connected to LinkedIn.

This is how it works:

Web search:

Simply enter the name of the person you are looking for. A gray Daylite symbol within LinkedIn shows you that the person is not yet a Daylite contact. Click on the Daylite icon to create the contact. Adding people to Daylite has never been so easy!


When the LinkedIn widget is displayed, you can see from the color of the Daylite icon whether the connection between Daylite and LinkedIn already exists. If the Daylite sun lights up yellow, the contact is already connected and you can transfer the CV as a Daylite note with one click.

If you also have requests or suggestions for new features, become part of our Daylite community and create or vote for a feature request.

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