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CRM & Customer Management

Find all customer related information in one spot. The customer’s history shows you emails, phone calls, appointments etc. in chronological order. Link persons or companies for your commendation management.


Register every prospect and keep track of your sales opportunities. Automate follow-ups and create significant reports. Calculate cost per lead.

Project Management

Plan your projects and keep an overview of your team. Use automated workflows and link the entire project communication like email, notes, contracts and more. Work with budgets and create meaningful reports.

Team Calendar

Get an overview of all appointments in your company. Link projects, internal and external personell and use your calendar on mobile devices as well.

Mail Integration

Save your email correspondence to Daylite automatically. Link emails with clients, appointments or Projects. Turn an email into a task. All of that is possible from within Apple Mail.

Task Management

Increase your productivity. Create tasks even on the go. Receive notifications on due dates and delegate tasks to coworkers. Register time and learn from your usage data.


Share addresses, emails, projects and tasks with your team. Delegate tasks and keep track of collective projects and sales opportunities.

Work Anywhere

Access relevant information from everywhere with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Online as well as offline. With Daylite you carry your business in your pocket.


Integrate telephony, connect your CRM with email marketing, invoicing and websites. No matter which challenge there may be, we have the fitting solution in store or provide you with a custom enhancement.

All features at a glance...

„To achieve excellence in executing hosting services for our customers we require excellent tools. Daylite is exactly that.

Marc KorthausCEO - SysEleven GmbH
Founder of
IT service providers

What’s new in Daylite 6?

At a Glance.

„Daylite gives me the opportunity to focus on the essence of my business – my customers!”

Thomas WaibelCEO - purelements GmbH & Co. KG

Daylite Cloud

Use Marketcircle’s professional cloud service and save the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own Daylite server. Marketcircle Cloud is being operated in Toronto, Canada and is compliant with EU privacy policy. Cloud backups are being saved on servers in Germany. All your Apple devices carry a local copy of your data.

Your benefit at a glance:
– No own server hardware required
– High speed internet up-link
– No additional cost for maintenance and backup
– Local copy of your data always accessible
– Monthly flat rate including all updates
– Add or remove additional users on a monthly basis

Daylite Cloud costs $29.00* per month and seat or $24.00* with annual advance payment.

Test it 30 days free of charge now


Test it just like that. 30 days, to its full extent.

Daylite Cloud

Test it 30 days free of charge now

„Daylite is the brain of my business!”

Oliver OrthCEO - Optimum Versiegelungen GmbH
Surface Protection & Cleaning

Daylite 6 Apps

iOSXpert PluginCenter

Extend Daylite’s functionality with our Daylite Apps. Our modules, plugins and connectors let you experience endless possibilities in your daily routine. Our connectors provide you interfaces to other software services and import external information to Daylite. Plugins extend Daylite’s capabilities and modules add entirely new scopes of features.

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Controlling & time registration for Daylite. Enter time costs, register expenses and take advantage of meaningful reports.


Use the context-sensitive web browser for internet research, plot Daylite contact locations on a map or perform vicinity searches.


Connect Daylite with your invoicing software and prevent double data entry. Supports Totals and Topix:8


See who’s calling, right at the first ring. Initiate calls from within Daylite and send mass SMS text messages via your iPhone or select SMS service providers.


Find documents in Daylite with ease. Search full-text and see which Daylite objects your documents are linked with.



Import newsletter subscribers from Mailchimp and add Daylite contacts to your mailing lists. Review Mailchimp reports right in Daylite.


Leave data entry to the customer. Import Wufoo web forms automatically to Daylite. Create arbitrary Daylite records thanks to customizable import actions.


Make Daylite more productive: create multiple tasks at once, batch process multiple forms, delegate tasks by email, publish appointments and much more.

„Daylite is the nervous system of my business.”

Mike PeterCEO- mpP Group
management consultancy

Daylite Services

Our services concerning Daylite

More than just software

As one of the world’s most experienced Daylite partner we offer a broad spectrum of services.

Beside online and on-site consultancy and training, we also globally offer a wide variety of software customization as well as report and interface implementation.

Have we sparked your interest?


„It’s amazing how Daylite eases the daily routine. Even address maintenance is fun. The ideal software for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike.”

Markus HartmannCEO - axxios Consulting
management consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Daylite Cloud

Every Daylite Cloud database gets 100GB of attachment storage. You can also add additional storage.

Cloud refers to the storing of data in a remote data center. You access to your data over the internet.

Daylite Cloud is being operated by the Canadian company Marketcircle. The data is located on servers in Toronto and cloud backups are stored on servers in Germany. A copy of your data is located on each end device on which Daylite is used.

There are several advantages compared to a self­ hosted server:

-You do not have to operate your own server
-If your Mac gets stolen or destroyed due to a fire for instance, your main database remains intact
-Monthly costs that you can be deducted directly from your tax and do not need to be written off over a period of years
-You do not need to configure your router and Daylite server to gain remote access to your Daylite database.
-All upcoming software updates are free of charge as long as you are using Daylite Cloud.

No, you need the Apple OS X operating system. Minimum operating system requirement for Daylite 6 is OS X 10.10. Yosemite and iOS 8.2

Daylite 6 requires at least Version OS X 10.10 Yosemite. On iPhone and iPad the minimum requirement is iOS 8.2.

No, Daylite apps is available as native OS X and iOS app only.

This depends on different aspects, for example the size of your Daylite database. Please contact us at +49 2622 9780000 so we can check if your Daylite database can be migrated to Cloud.

No. You need to upgrade your server as well as all the devices involved.

An automated backup will be centrally conducted on Marketcircle’s cloud server. An additional backup of the Daylite database on your end devices is not required. Configuration or maintenance on your end is not required.

Daylite Cloud supports any kind of internet connection, whether it be DSL, cable,  LTE etc. A faster connection (16 Mbit ore more) is an advantage when dealing with larger databases.

No, a configuration of your network/router is not required to use Daylite Cloud

You can run Daylite on an unlimited amount of Macs, iPhones and iPads

Because of extensive technical changes, the Daylite 4/5 plugins do not work with Daylite 6. Plugins specially developed for Daylite 6 are already available.

The cloud that Marketcircle (the maker of Daylite) provides is located in Canada, where privacy regulations are more similar to those in Europe than the ones in the USA. For customers that want their data to be hosted in Germany or are legally obliged to do so, we offer Daylite as a managed service. This means we operate a Daylite server for you in a German data center. You will find more information on our managed service offer here.

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