At the end of last year, we shipped an update to ProductivityTools that greatly improved the handling of email templates with the addition of our new template editor.

But we weren’t quite satisfied, so the latest update added the ability to create formatted email templates. So in addition to our extended and simplified replacement options, you can now format your emails with colors, or bold and italic fonts, for example.

Daylite ProductivityTools Mail Templates

We know that this improves our template editor, but does not yet satisfy many users’ desire to send real HTML emails from Daylite. So it’s even nicer for us to be able to tell you, as a reader of our blog, that you can look forward to it in one of our next updates.

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With our WebForms plugin for Daylite you can connect the online form service Wufoo with Daylite.

WebForms imports the data entered by your customers on your website directly into Daylite based on rules. This eliminates the need for time-consuming post-processing of the many entries.


Example of a form for interested parties

For example, if you use a Wufoo online form to find out which products a customer is interested in and whether they wish to be called back by your sales department, Daylite will automatically create the corresponding data record with the data entered in the Wufoo form using our WebForms plugin. In addition, WebForms will attach the products that the customer is interested to the contact in the form of keywords.

The sales representative receives a callback request as a task delegation in Daylite automatically and is assigned the opportunity created by WebForms. Both of these are linked to the customer’s record, allowing your sales department to concentrate on the essentials: advising your prospects and customers, instead of having to create contacts, sales opportunities and tasks.

Possibilities with WebForms

WebForms can automatically create the following Daylite items:
1. People
2. Companies
3. Tasks
4. Projects
5. Opportunities
6. File attachments

For each Daylite item, details such as category, keywords and fields to be filled can be specified in Daylite. If you want to create additional elements or modify existing elements, you can do so by using scripts within WebForms.

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How do I install the iOSXpert PluginCenter?

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As a Web&Map user you already know the advantage of using websites and services within Daylite.

With the latest update, you can now also open any web address saved in Daylite within the Web tab.

A small blue Safari icon next to the web address opens the link in the Web tab of your record. So you don’t have to leave Daylite when you want to get information from your customer’s website.

CRM Daylite - Web&Map - Open In Web Tab

For all those who open web pages via the address label, we have also included a choice here.

CRM Daylite - Web&Map - Open In Web Tab

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How do I install the iOSXpert PluginCenter?

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Daylite - End of Self-Serve

Daylite - End of Self-Serve

For our Daylite 6 Self-Serve customers, February 28, 2019 is an important date because this is the day that Marketcircle will discontinue technical support for Daylite 6 Self-Serve. You can read more about this decision from Marketcircle here.

What should you do to keep Daylite 6 Self-Serve up and running?

1. Update the iO PluginCenter to the latest version. This will ensure that you can continue to use your purchased plugins reliably with Daylite Legacy.
Please note: If you are using Daylite Legacy or Daylite 6 Self-Serve, do NOT upgrade your operating system to macOS Mojave. More about compatibility

2. Install the latest self-serve version of Daylite 6, which is now called Daylite Legacy.

If you want to use the new features of macOS Mojave, iOS12 and all future OS releases, switch to Daylite Cloud and benefit from the latest features in Daylite and iO plugins.

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