Welcome to Daylite Copilot

The Copilot is your assistant that accompanies you in your daily work with Daylite. Whether people, companies, projects or tasks, the Copilot presents you with valuable additional information in a magnetic window matching the selected Daylite section.

Choose from a catalog of different widgets what supports you best. The Copilot window can either be magnetically attached to your Daylite window or configured as a separate window of any size.

The following widgets are available:

Standard Widgets

Standard widgets are available free of charge if the iO PluginCenter is installed.

Help Widget

Do you need help using Daylite? The help widget shows you relevant HelpCenter articles from the iOSXpert HelpCenters for the area you are currently in.

Details Widget

Depending on which Daylite element you have selected, the details widget will either show you the details of the selected element or, if you have activated the context mode, also information about a linked main element. For example, you can display information about the default Company when you click on a person.
This widget is particularly useful when you are in the Daylite search mask. Here the detail widget shows you relevant information even before you open the data record.

Statistics Widget

When was the last time you had contact with a selected person or company? Are there any open tasks for a particular person or project? How many emails have you exchanged and is there an appointment coming up soon? You can see all this information with a glance at the statistics widget in Copilot.

Estimate Widget

DaThe estimate widget shows you a preview of the most recently created estimates for a person, company or project, provided there is a linked opportunity. You can also see the estimate in the opportunity itself.


Plugin Widgets

Plugin widgets are available if the respective plugin is installed.

Comment Widget

If you use our Marketing&Chat extension, you can exchange comments with your colleagues within Daylite. With the comment widget you can immediately see the internal communication about a task, a project or a company and you can participate directly in the conversation.

iOWeblink Comments

If you use our Plus Package for Daylite, you can share project information including all tasks with third parties via a web interface. Your customers or partners can then not only view information and check off tasks, but also leave messages for you. This message history is displayed to them in the iOWeblink widget.

Map Widget

As a Web&Map user, you are familiar with the option of displaying the address of a contact as a map view. Copilot will now show you this map in the map widget.

Web Widget

Another popular feature of Web&Map is the web view. An integrated web browser shows you relevant information about your selected Daylite object in a web browser. This can be the LinkedIn site of a contact, the orders made by a customer in the webshop or simply the nearest restaurant. With the web widget, you can now see this information directly in Copilot.

Projects Widget

The widget for projects shows you a budget overview for the project of a selected person or company. This allows you to see at a glance whether the time or financial budget of a project is still within budget. The project widget requires the Time&Budget extension.

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