Fone&Text, the Daylite extension for integrated telephony, is now enriched by an interface: Bria, one of the world’s leading VoIP softphones, is now compatible with Fone&Text.

Boost your productivity with Fone&Text and bring more insight into your complete customer communication. Initiate outbound calls with Bria with a single click directly from Daylite and automatically display the matching Daylite contact with all the details for incoming calls. Log the call and link it to the Daylite contact. The information is stored as an appointment, task or note or delegated to a colleague as a callback request. No relevant information will get lost. If the caller does not yet exist in your Daylite database, create it directly from the Fone&Text caller window as a new person or company. The phone number is automatically stored in the newly created contact. Generate meaningful reports with Daylite based on the data collected with Fone&Text, who has been on the phone for how long, who has been reached – who hasn’t?

With the compatibility of Fone&Text with Bria, the leading VoIP softphone on the North American market, we have closed a significant gap. Bria is the flagship product of the Canadian manufacturer CounterPath. Because Bria is based on SIP and Open Standards, it is compatible with the most common devices.

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CRM- & Projektmanagement mit Daylite auf Apple Mac, iPhone & iPad

What is it, what an insurance agency, a interior studio and two wedding photographers have in common?

All of them are using Daylite to simplify their daily workflow.
Our customers told us in front of the camera why they use it.

On of the reasons they use Daylite: It interacts seamless with the native apps on Apple devices.

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iOSXpert Sales Cockpit for Daylite

Keep an eye on your revenues with the new Sales Cockpit for Daylite.

The Multi-stage pipelines indicate how much revenue is to be expected from your Daylite opportunities and potential customers. The clever sales analysis takes advantage of data that already exists in your Daylite database. Color-codes highlight needs to act. This enables you to identify potential financing gaps caused by possible decreasing future revenues before they arise.

CRM Daylite and the Apple Touch Bar

Simplify your workflow in Daylite with Touch Bar

Since their release Apples MacBook Pro gots the Touch Bar. On the first view it’s replacing the functional keys on your MacBook. You can use a lot of apps with it. Apple tells you here how the Touch Bar will simplify your workflow.

How to use Touch Bar in Daylite

If you want to use the Touch Bar in Daylite you will need another app. The BetterTouchTool allows you to configure the Touch Bar for apps like Daylite. Into the BetterTouchTool you can choose the app you want to use with your Touch Bar on the left side. By clicking „Add Touch Bar Button“ you will start the configuration. Step by step you can allot the shortcuts for Daylite. If you want to, you can also configure symbols for your shortcuts in Daylite. Fast and easy you will have to handy extra tool that makes Daylite smarter and more native to use.
Here you can download the BetterTouchTool.

Daylite and Touch Bar – a strong team

The set-up of Daylite in the Touch Bar in a brief overview:

  • open BetterTouchTool
  • choose Select App and select Daylite
  • choose „Add Touch Bar Button“
  • add your favorite Daylite shortcuts


Automate your Daylite workflows with the new ProductivityTools:

•  DayliteAutomator
•  CalendarAssistent
•  Copy formatted tables from Daylite to the clipboard
•  Delegate via Teams
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Training content:

Learn how to use the new features of ProductivityTools.

•  DayliteAutomator – simplify your workflows with one click
•  CalendarAssistent – manage other Daylite users’s appointments
•  Copy formatted tables from Daylite to the clipboard

As an attendees you will receive one hour of DayliteAutomator action development free of charge to realize your own automated workflow!

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