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Daylite Integrations

Because even CRM systems need friends

Accounting & Billing


See all billing information for your customers directly in Daylite. Open invoices created in QuickBooks directly from Daylite, or jump to the corresponding QuickBooks record with one click. Keep track of paid and unpaid invoices in Daylite. Import items and services from QuickBooks into Daylite.


Google Sheets

Let external service providers update a phone list, for example, which then adds contacts in Daylite. Update evaluation data for your customers.

Microsoft Word

Create Word documents based on templates from Daylite.

more about Microsoft Word >>

Daylite standard function

Apple Pages

Create Pages documents based on templates from Daylite.

more about Apple Pages >>

Daylite standard function


Logo Webex.png

Dropbox lets you store your files securely, keep them up to date, and share them with colleagues. Enable Dropbox integration within DayliteDocs settings.

Newsletter & E-Mail

Apple Mail

Save your e-mail correspondence automatically in Daylite. Link e-mails with customers, appointments or projects. Turn e-mails into tasks. All this within Apple Mail.

more about Apple Mail >>

Requirement: Daylite Mail Assistant


Synchronize your newsletter lists in Mailchimp with your Daylite contacts. Create filtered lists in Daylite based on the click behavior of your newsletter recipients.


Automatically send e-mails based on events in Daylite.


Missive logo black.png

Unite the handling of emails, social media messages, WhatsApp and SMS in one application. Chat with colleagues around customer communication and use email templates and central signatures.

Online Meetings & Webinars


Use telephone and web conference connections for your appointments or meetings.


Organize webinars or use recordings for your customers.


Create zoom meetings using Plus Package for Daylite with one click for your Daylite appointments and send the invitation link in the confirmation mail.


Logo Webex.png

Webex is the system for video meetings from Cisco. Activate your Webex account in the settings of the ProductivityTools and create your Webex conferences with one click in the future.

Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams.png

Create a Teams meeting directly from Daylite with one click.

Social Media


Schedule the posts on your Facebook page with the Daylite calendar and display posts created on Facebook in Daylite.


Schedule posts for Instagram with the Daylite calendar and display posts created in Instagram in Daylite.


Schedule the posts for your Twitter channel with the Daylite calendar and display posts created in Twitter in Daylite.

Telephony & Communication


Initiate phone calls with the Bria softphone from Daylite. Incoming phone calls in Bria are signaled in Daylite.


Initiate phone calls with the iSoftPhone softphone from Daylite. Incoming phone calls in iSoftPhone are signaled in Daylite.


Send single and bulk SMS messages based on templates to your Daylite contacts. Send automated SMS messages based on events in Daylite.


Integrate Slack into Daylite. Create chat channels to Daylite objects.


Initiate phone calls with the STARFACE phone system from Daylite. Incoming phone calls in STARFACE are signaled in Daylite.


With ChatMate integration, you can transfer any WhatsApp chats and documents to your Daylite, including personal customer communication.

Other Services

Apple Calendar

Synchronize your Daylite appointments with Apple’s calendar app.

more about Apple Calendar >>

Daylite standard function

Apple Contacts

Synchronize your Daylite contacts with Apple’s contacts app.

more about Apple Contacts >>

Daylite standard function

Merlin Project

Connect times and resources from Daylite with detailed project planning for complex and time-consuming projects.

more about Merlin Project >>

Daylite standard function

Apple Siri

Create appointments and tasks in Daylite with Siri.

more about Apple Siri >>

Daylite standard function

Acuity Scheduling

Offer online appointment bookings on your website that automatically synchronize with your Daylite calendar. New contacts are automatically created in Daylite.


Visualize Daylite data as any chart in Klipfolio.

more about Klipfolio >>

Requirement: Individual connector


Connect the time recording software timeBro with Daylite and automatically record your working time for projects, phone calls, or tasks.


The online service Wufoo offers you the possibility to create online forms in a very simple way and integrate them into your website.


Zendesk is a system for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving support tickets. Visualize the communication with your customers in Daylite.


Send estimates as electronically signable document directly from Daylite. Every time your customer takes a look at the estimate, you will be notified by email. The customer can legally sign directly on the computer or smartphone.

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