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Individual solutions – CRM Daylite for Mac and iPhone

Customize Daylite to your individual needs

Our team of application developers has many years of development experience in iOS, macOS, and Daylite.

Customers from all over the world turn to us if they have requirements that cannot be met with the standard functionalities of Daylite.
In close cooperation with you, we develop individual data entry masks, evaluation tools, print layouts, reports, interfaces to external systems, and much more. Below we have compiled some examples for you.

For a Scandinavian software company, we developed a complex sales reporting system; for an educational company operating in China, we integrated a controlling application into Daylite and for a New York furniture store, we created interfaces to merchandise management systems.

From simple print layouts to complex special applications, everything is possible!
Please call us or contact us by email.

Seminar management

– Illustration of complex seminar structures
– Storage of individual daily rates
– Overview of the total project volume
– Easier planning of resources/users
– Recording of expenses and travel costs
– Automatic project creation

Integration of Shopware

– Automatic import of orders
– Import/Adjustment of master data
– Orders are saved as forms
– Orders editable from Daylite
– Automatic closing of opportunities on purchase

Calculating Forms & Pivot

– Table editing function for Daylite forms
– Summation of form fields
– Add or hide columns
– Views can be saved as templates
– Selection of forms via smart lists possible
– Pivot evaluations with freely definable values
– Evaluations can be saved as templates
– Display of diagram types via drag & drop
– Direct filtering of values during display

Search Robot for Updating Contact Data

– Automatic data reconciliation with web pages
– Creation of tasks for internal processing

Display of Daylite Contact Data on Website

– Display of Daylite data on the website
– Website updating from Daylite
– New data from Daylite automatically added
– Customizable color scheme

Working Time Report

– Print report with signature field
– Indication of the days on which regular work is done
– Specification of a daily target working time
– Assignment of vacation, illness, and public holidays
– Calculation of remaining vacation and overtime

Conflict Check for Lawyers

– Review of potential conflicts of interest
– Delegation of the conflict to a colleague
– Note from the tester via a button on the project
– Creation of a printable history of all tests