If we were to ask you what one of the most important functions in Daylite would be, your answer is guaranteed to be: the mail integration in Daylite.

We at iOSXpert are happy to announce that after a long beta phase, we now offer final mail integrations for two email clients: iOM for Outlook and iOM for Missive. A big thank you to all customers who supported the beta phase.

iOM for Outlook and iOM for Missive are now available free of charge to users of our Plus Package for Daylite. Users who have not subscribed to our Plus Package can purchase the extension individually. How do I license the iOMailAssistant?

What can the new iOM do?

Our iOM extension can be activated in either Missive or Outlook and allows you to store emails and attachments in Daylite from both programs and create new Daylite objects, such as people, opportunities or projects, from the mail client.

The special feature of our integration is the use on the iPhone or iPad. The familiar functionality of the desktop application is also available under iOS.

If you also use our ProductivityTools, you can also send HTML-formatted emails.

You also have the option of sending mails with a time delay or starting entire mail chains directly from Daylite.

New for all Missive users are now also intelligent mail chains. The mail chain is automatically stopped as soon as a mail is answered.

In particular, the mail integrations differ in individual functions, which is why we have created an overview for you here. You can use Outlook and Apple Mail together. With Missive, it is recommended that all users in your company use the system.

If you are unsure which mail client is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, we will be happy to help you.

Like all our extensions for Daylite, the mail integration can be used free of charge for 30 days.

Here are the highlights of iOM combined with our ProductivityTools:

  • Advanced template management in Daylite
  • Use of mail templates for sales opportunities
  • Use of individual mail templates for appointment invitations
  • Use of HTML templates
  • Time-shifted sending
  • Use of mail chains
  • Use of mail integration also under iOS on iPhone and iPad
  • Use under Windows or in the web browser
  • Creation of new Daylite data records also under Outlook or Missive on Windows computers

Another important piece of information from Marketcircle: On February 14, 2024, the new Daylite Mail Assistant was released under Sonoma: What You Need to Know About Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma and Updates on Daylite Mail Assistant Sonoma Compatibility