Take your Daylite to Web



Take your Daylite to the Web

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Daylite in Web Browser

View people, companies, and projects from Daylite in a web browser.
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Operating System Independent

Use Daylite on any operating system: Windows, Android, Chrome, etc.
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Optimized for Mobile Access

The view not only works on desktop computers, but is also optimized for access from smartphones and tablets.

Browser access to Daylite

iOWeb gives you the ability to access Daylite data through your web browser. Find and edit contact data and view projects all in your web browser! The display is optimized for your Mac as well as for your iPad and iPhone. iOWeb also works on Windows computers or Android phones, independent of the operating system.

Currently we offer access to people, companies, projects, opportunities and calendar. We are constantly working to expand the scope. But that is not all. The technology we use also allows us to provide you with customized views of your Daylite data in a much simpler way. Do you need a special view to capture data more easily, or do you want to visualize data from Daylite individually? Contact us, from now on many things are possible.

To use iOWeb as a Plus Package customer, you need an iOAccount. You can find out how to create one in our HelpCenter.

Most important features

  • Person data: search, display and edit
  • Company data: search, display and edit
  • Project data: search, display and edit
  • Opportunities: search, display and edit
  • Contact history of the last 30 days
  • Tasks, appointments and notes: search, display and edit
  • Calendar: search, display and edit

Experience Daylite and the Plugins live

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