We support refugees and donate today’s revenue

You may have heard about the current refugee crisis in Europe and about the great number of Syrian people that leave their country to look for a better life especially in Germany. You may also have heard about the many private organizations that try to help these people.

We would like to do our share and decided to donate all of our today’s online revenues to the German Medardus elementary school.

The school provides free language classes for refugees. Learning German is the first and at the same time the most important step to a successful integration and a normal life in Germany for children and adults. We would like to support the school’s commitment by contributing our today’s online revenues.

In addition, we are offering a 10% discount on each order from our store. This discount applies to our in-app Purchases as well as to the Daylite license fees, since the good folks over at Marketcircle decided to support our contribution.

Simply redeem the following Code: REFUGEE2015IO
(This code is valid for the next 24 hours)

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iOS9 Icon

Apple will release iOS version 9 for iPhone and iPad today. The current Daylite Touch version 5.2.1 works with some known issues.

Due to these issues we do not recommend installing it on production units at the moment. A fully iOS 9 compatible version will become available within the next days however.

El Capitan

OS X El Capitan

The maker of Daylite, the company Marketcircle, implements full El Capitan compatibillity with Daylite 5.0.9.
Please observe the update notification within Daylite on your Mac.

However, we recommend to wait a couple of weeks before installing a new operating system on production computers.

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