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iOM – iOMailAssistant for Daylite

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iOM – iOMailAssistant for Daylite

Daylite Functions within Missive

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Sender Detection

IOM automatically detects if the sender with his email address already exists in Daylite. By clicking on the contact’s name, the mail is saved in Daylite and linked to the sender contact and the associated company. In addition to the contact’s name, the associated company and all open sales opportunities and projects from Daylite are displayed.

Accessing Conversations

When you save the email in Daylite, an internal hyperlink is created that allows you to jump back to the conversation in Missive from Daylite. This works even if the conversation has already been archived. This way you can decide if you want to store each mail of a conversation in Daylite or only selected ones. The entire history of a conversation can be viewed in Missive at any time.

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New Object Creation

New contacts, companies, projects or sales opportunities can be entered directly from Missive into Daylite. The new objects created in Missive are automatically linked to the email transferred to Daylite, so that you can find the email in the history within Daylite.

Detailed view of Daylite Objects

Clicking on the arrow of a linked object will show you further information from Daylite about the corresponding company or opportunity. If a contact shows several open projects in Missive and you are not sure which project is the right one, a double-click is enough to learn more.

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Task Management

You can link an email to an existing Daylite task or create a new Daylite task from within Missive. New task creation also works directly from chat comments. Any task created from Missive is automatically linked to the email and corresponding contacts in Daylite.

File Attachments

On your Mac, you can also transfer file attachments from emails to Daylite. A click on the file attachment within the mail integration transfers the attachment to the email stored in Daylite. This is made possible by the Daylite plugin DayliteDocs.

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Appointment Management

If a file attachment is an appointment invitation (ics file), a corresponding appointment is created in Daylite, which you can accept or reject. You can also create new appointments directly from an email.

View Objects in Daylite

Next to each linked object, you will find internal hyperlinks that take you either to the corresponding record in Daylite (on Mac) or to the Daylite record in iOWeb (iPhone / iPad / Windows).

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iOM – iOMailAssistant for Daylite

Missive Functions within Daylite

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Link to conversation

You can jump from any email you transferred from Missive to Daylite back to the entire conversation in Missive with one click.

New Missive Mails from Daylite

As soon as you click on an email hyperlink in Daylite, a new conversation opens in Missive. If you use email templates from our ProductivityTools, you can also open them in Missive.

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Replying with Templates from Daylite.png

Replying with Templates from Daylite

You can also reply to any mail filed in Daylite with a template from ProductivityTools. A right click on the selected mail makes it possible.

Set the sender

You can already specify in Daylite which email address will be used to send an email from Daylite.

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Daylite Integration on iPhone & iPad

Daylite Missive integration also works on your iPhone or iPad. Save your mails in Daylite or link objects on the go. If you use our extension iOWeb to edit your Daylite data in a browser, you can jump directly from your iPhone to any linked object.

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