We are proud to promote you the new WufooConnector 2.0 today.

What’s new? With WufooConnector 2.0 nothing will be impossible!

1. Creation of projects

2. Support of file attachments

3. Unlimited new possibilities with F-Script support

4. Subscription may be terminated on a monthly basis. WufooConnector provides in-app purchase now.

You will find further information about Wufoo and the WufooConnector here.

Time&Budget – the plugin for Daylite 4 to control time and finance aspects of your company has reached the next level!

We are proud of the amazing new Time&Budget features which came with the last update 1.2:

You can see the new features in the videos below:

Features of Time&Budget 1.2

1. Define categories as basis of calculation. Decide whether the calculation of revenue is based on the hourly rates assigned to your employees or, as a new feature, based on the rates assigned to categories. You can set one hourly rate per category. This enables you to charge different rates for a particular employee.

2. Besides the Activity Report Time&Budget now also features a Data Quality Report. Check the data quality of recorded activities and find out which ones lack a category or are not linked to objectives.

3. It’s now possible to enforce linking of an appointment with an objective (opportunities and projects) based on its category. E.g. define that activities assigned with category “Marketing” have to be linked to a project and activities assigned with category “Sales” have to be linked to an opportunity. Otherwise the entry would be invalid.

4. The new version of Time&Budget comes with Group Reports. This feature enables you to combine and analyze a selection of projects, people, companies or opportunities as a group.

Find out more about these and other features during one of our Time&Budget Webcasts held by our US partner Jeff Haynor. The next Webcast will take place on March 13th at 4 am EST. For registration please send an email.Update now! You will find more Information here.

There is a new update for the FoneConnector plugin with new features available:

1. link your objects via Drag&Drop

2. edit your call duration time

3. see your call duration in notes

Update now!

See all new features in action:

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Our office will be closed from the 23th of December to the 1st of January 2014 and we will return on the 2nd January 2014.

In urgent matters, please send an email to support@iosxpert.biz. We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and a successful start to the new year 2014!

We look forward to doing business with you.

Thanks, Your iOSXpert-Team

Time & Budget – the plugin for Daylite 4 to control time and finance aspects of your company has reached the next level!
We would like to inform you that version 1.1 of the Time & Budget plugin has been released today. The update comes with lots of new and amazing features:
• Access Time & Budget directly from companies, persons and opportunities via the Time & Budget tab
• See at a glance how much time and effort you have spent for your customers and compare it with the revenues in Daylite
• Choose individual time periods for your reports• Monitor the financial and timely performance of your projects during configurable time periods• Define internal and external project budgets. Budgets can be set to be either fixed, weekly, monthly or yearly
• Note which services have already been charged
• Automatic highlighting of opportunities and projects exceeding their budgets

These new controling features come in handy even for companies not using any time tracking tools

If you will update Daylite to Daylite 4.2 it is important, that you also update your WebConnector Plugin.

Please note: After the Daylite 4 Update your WebConnector Plugin will not be compatible without this update.

You can update your WebConnector here.