Dear iOSXpert customers,

OSX 10.11.4 has been released.
There are a couple of important facts on this system update and its compatibility with Daylite:

EL Capitan

Under Daylite 6:

  • Daylite Version 6.0.2 is fully compatible with the latest OSX update.
  • In order to run the Daylite Mail integration (DMA) smoothly, Daylite version 6.0.2 has to be installed.
  • Daylite will automatically remind you to install the latest version. You can check your current Daylite version by choosing ‘About Daylite’ from the Daylite menu bar.

Under Daylite 5:

  • With version 5.0.12 Daylite 5 is fully compatible with OSX 10.11.4.
  • Daylite Version 5.0.11 shows issues and incompatibilities with OSX 10.11.4.
  • You can download Daylite Version 5.0.12 here.