Process optimization with Daylite Pipelines

Many projects are routine. Answering requests in the user support or dealing with the sales process follow the same way every time. Pipelines will help you to increase your productivity and to save working time. Define your pipelines individually to make that they fit to your processes.

Plan your projects easier

Pipelines are project flow charts. Every step is a milestone in your process. Just add the pipeline to your Daylite projects, when you set them up. You can also create tasks in your pipeline steps. So you don’t have to create them every time you start a routine project. You will also have the chance to set a due date to those tasks in the pipeline. As an example: this is how you ensure, that every project with this pipeline will be done in the required time. With this function you could guarantee that all user support requests have to be solved within two working days.

Set up your pipelines

Open your settings in Daylite. You will find the pipelines button immediatly. Click the plus-symbol on the left side to a add a new pipeline to your settings. In your new pipeline you add every step you need for the perfect process. Now you can add the routine tasks in the steps and define the due dates. You can also add a co-worker to the tasks. Your team member will be responsible for this every time this pipeline will be added to a project. That’s it! Fast and easy you will have your processes optimized.