Time & Budget – the plugin for Daylite 4 to control time and finance aspects of your company has reached the next level!
We would like to inform you that version 1.1 of the Time & Budget plugin has been released today. The update comes with lots of new and amazing features:
• Access Time & Budget directly from companies, persons and opportunities via the Time & Budget tab
• See at a glance how much time and effort you have spent for your customers and compare it with the revenues in Daylite
• Choose individual time periods for your reports• Monitor the financial and timely performance of your projects during configurable time periods• Define internal and external project budgets. Budgets can be set to be either fixed, weekly, monthly or yearly
• Note which services have already been charged
• Automatic highlighting of opportunities and projects exceeding their budgets

These new controling features come in handy even for companies not using any time tracking tools