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The continuous optimization of your workflows and processes is essential for the successful management of your business. We support you in this endeavor with our Daylite CRM and our plugin Time&Budget. With this you can easily evaluate your business processes, register time and keep an eye on all cost.

With Time&Budget you could already define cost and revenues and also set budgets for projects, evaluate and bill them. With the time registration you could track your work time by the minute and register which employee was busy with which task. But now we go one step further.

With our upgrade to version 2.0 we slingshot your business controlling to the next level!

All features of Time&Budget

We added many new features
  • New: easier activity registration
  • New: threshold values for projects
  • New: time registration for projects
  • New: target-performance comparison for projects
  • New: export to CSV / Excel
Furthermore we have enhanced many features and improved the usability and general UI of the plugin
  • Added: complete redesign of all reports
  • Added: financial factors for project budgets
  • Added: possibility to filter keywords
  • Added: enhanced data quality report
  • Added: sidebar icon

All features of Time&Budget