An up-to-date website is an important foundation to stay in contact with your customers. It is even better to provide website visitors with a direct communication channel.

We welcome the visitors of with our chat system, which allows you to chat directly with one of our team members. This is made possible by the service Olark. Olark offers the possibility to integrate an attractive online chat on your own website with just a few clicks. While Olark offers the chat option on the customer side, the colleagues on the iOSXpert side use a chat program like Adium or Trillian to comfortably respond to customer requests. Alternatively, one can log in on the Olark website to chat with customers.

If nobody has the time or if the chat is unoccupied – for example at night – Olark notices this and switches to the “Away Mode”. In this mode, the website visitor is offered to leave a message which can then be answered conveniently by e-mail. After the introduction, we were positively surprised by how many customers use our chat offer daily.

Would you like to work remotely with your team? We are happy to provide our Daylite customers with free advice about the possibilities of Olark. Arrange a free appointment here:

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We have compiled all the services that we present in our Remote Working series in a PDF for you to download.

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