Our colleague, who heads the North American office, always works remotely. Even though video conferences, Slack, and telephone are good ways of working together over distance, we have always missed the opportunity to spontaneously enter into a conversation with the colleague in Toronto in front of the coffee machine or to have him visit a colleague in his office. That’s why we bought a telepresence robot from Double Robotics. This is basically a cross between an iPad with improved camera technology and a Segway Transporter. Via a browser or optionally via an app, our colleague steers the self-balanced device through our offices. Just like in a video game, you just have to click on a destination, and the robot automatically drives to the desired destination.


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The high-resolution camera has an excellent zoom so that we can also look at screens or whiteboards together. The Double Robot can be adjusted in height so that you can communicate with each other both sitting and standing. Even though some colleagues were skeptical when we bought it, nobody would want to miss it anymore. Meetings are almost as if our colleague was on-site and the unplanned visits to the colleague’s office have become as natural as a chat with colleagues who are physically on-site.

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