In fact, a MacBook or iPad already comes with everything you need for remote working. A high-quality camera, microphone, and speakers. But there are situations where you can add hardware to enhance remote working.

If you frequently hold video conferences with a large group of people, it is worthwhile to purchase a conference camera. We are big fans of the HELLO cam from Solaborate.


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This handy device is not only a 4K capable video camera with a very wide recording angle, it also has several directional microphones to make the voices of everyone in the room clearly audible.

But an unbeatable advantage is that the camera is actually a small stand-alone computer with an Android operating system. If you connect the HELLO via HDMI to any TV set, it not only serves as a picture for the video conference but also as a screen for the Android computer, on which you can install various video conference systems. So you don’t need an extra computer for video conferencing. Since you can install any apps on the HELLO Cam, you are flexible in choosing your preferred video conferencing system. Almost all common conference systems are supported. It becomes even more professional if you order not only the camera but also the compatible multi-touch screen from the manufacturer. On this one can then work together on a whiteboard.

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