CRM Daylite and the Apple Touch Bar

Simplify your workflow in Daylite with Touch Bar

Since their release Apples MacBook Pro gots the Touch Bar. On the first view it’s replacing the functional keys on your MacBook. You can use a lot of apps with it. Apple tells you here how the Touch Bar will simplify your workflow.

How to use Touch Bar in Daylite

If you want to use the Touch Bar in Daylite you will need another app. The BetterTouchTool allows you to configure the Touch Bar for apps like Daylite. Into the BetterTouchTool you can choose the app you want to use with your Touch Bar on the left side. By clicking „Add Touch Bar Button“ you will start the configuration. Step by step you can allot the shortcuts for Daylite. If you want to, you can also configure symbols for your shortcuts in Daylite. Fast and easy you will have to handy extra tool that makes Daylite smarter and more native to use.
Here you can download the BetterTouchTool.

Daylite and Touch Bar – a strong team

The set-up of Daylite in the Touch Bar in a brief overview:

  • open BetterTouchTool
  • choose Select App and select Daylite
  • choose „Add Touch Bar Button“
  • add your favorite Daylite shortcuts