We have implemented a new notification system in your Daylite menu bar. You can find it in the PluginCenter icon.

Our new notification-center informs you about updates, provides you with valuable tips for your personal Daylite usage, and warns you in case of incidents.

New messages are visualized to you with a red counter directly on the iO icon. The following message types are available:

News: Get the latest news from iOSXpert or Daylite
Tip: Find essential tips about Daylite and the iOSXpert extensions
Update: Time for updating your PluginCenter, so that your iOSXpert extensions are always up to date.
Warning: You will probably rarely see this icon. It appears when your PluginCenter needs your urgent attention.

Don’t worry; we won’t bombard you with ads here but only use them for relevant information about Daylite and our Daylite extensions.

This way, you will always be the first to know when updates are ready for you, benefit from special promotions and help using your Daylite system.

We’re here to help!
Any questions? Contact our team or visit our HelpCenter.