The GDPR has stirred up a lot of dust and has not left us alone either. We were particularly concerned about supporting you as a Daylite user in fulfilling your duties to disclose information to your customers. What exactly can you do within Daylite if one of your customers requests information about stored data or even asks you to delete it?

We found the solution in the iOSXpert PluginCenter: The iOSXpert PluginCenter is installed once and brings you, besides reports and print layouts, numerous additional functions of the iOSXpert Plugins.

That’s where we have integrated two functions free of charge: With one click, you can either export or delete a data record GDPR-compliant.

Export data records in compliance with GDPR:

Delete data records in compliance with GDPR:

More information:

How do I export Daylite data GDPR-compliant?

How do I delete Daylite data GDPR-compliant?

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