See who’s calling in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


See who’s calling in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Daylite CRM - Incoming Call

See who’s calling

Get personal with customers when they call and greet them by name. Thanks to our telephone integration, all applicable Daylite information is displayed in a caller window when your phone rings – immediately notifying you of who’s on the other end!

CRM Daylite - Start Outgoing Call

Click instead of dial

If you’re a frequent caller, you’ll love the convenience of initiating a call with just a click; saving you the hassle and time of dialing in a number.

CRM Daylite - iPhone Call

iPhone Integration

Our telephone integration works with your iPhone, ensuring you never miss a phone call. In addition, you can also connect with STARFACE telephone systems, Siemens Gigaset desktop devices, or VoIP software telephones (such as Bria or iSoftPhone).

Start your customer call on the right foot

Make your calls personal by not only greeting your customer by name but also staying on-the-ball when it comes to their current standing with the business. With every call, you’re able to reference their complete customer history.
Although the Apple operating system may not allow a direct connection to your telephone systems, we have eliminated this barrier with our complete CTI telephony integration. We are happy to help you select the telephone system that’s right for you.

Most important features

  • Caller ID: Access Caller ID with your Daylite Data
  • Click-to-dial: Place an outgoing call in one click
  • Callback delegation: Delegate reset tasks to your colleagues
  • Telephone log: Automatically link your telephone log with your conversation partner’s data record
  • Stopwatch: For billing-relevant calls, telephone durations are automatically recorded and logged
  • Form access: Use Daylite forms for telephone scripts or for structured data acquisition directly from the call
  • Connection: Link calls to sales opportunities or projects



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