Online forms

Your form becomes intelligent

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Online forms

Your form becomes intelligent

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


Connect your website to your CRM

Create your own online forms using Wufoo. Once a customer completes a form on your website, the data will automatically be transferred to Daylite to set them up as a new customer – no mediation needed on your end!


Let your online form do the work

Define and automate your workflows with Daylite. Once a customer fills out the form on your website, this data is automatically sent to Daylite to create contacts, sales opportunities, tasks, or projects.


Create forms to match your website design

Wufoo provides a streamlined process for creating your own online forms, which can be customized to match your website design and aesthetics.

Stay hands-off in the data acquisition process

Directly involve your customers and prospects in the data acquisition process. Conventional online forms send through an email detailing a customer’s information submitted through the website.
Save yourself the trouble of manually combing through and inputting customer information; with our form integration, customer data lands directly in Daylite. From there, you can define your own rules in terms of how this data should be aggregated. For example, you can create an opportunity with a customer’s data and delegate a task to sales – all deployed automatically!

Most important features

  • Customizable website forms: Create your own contact form through drag-and-drop with Wufoo
  • Adjustable design: Design your online form to compliment your website aesthetic
  • Define your own automation: Define automatic next steps for customer data in Daylite
  • Creating tasks: Automatically delegate tasks to respective employees once a form is completed



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