Budgets & Thresholds

Keep an eye on time and costs

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Budgets & Thresholds

Keep an eye on time and costs

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Work with Budgets in Projects

Keep the costs of your time and expenses under control and monitor the profitability of your Projects.


Set Time Thresholds

Be warned when your planned time allowance is nearing its end.


Set Financial Thresholds

See how much time and money you can still invest into a Project to stay profitable while you are still working on your Project.

Only Projects “in time and budget” are successful projects!

The better you monitor time and costs in a Project, the more profitably you can work. Let a traffic light system warn you which Projects need your attention. Learn from your own data, where your plans are failing in reality. With every target-performance comparison you can improve future calculations and make sure that your projects stay “in time and budget”.

Most important features

  • Fixed Budgets: Define your overall budget and plan from day one what profit margin you want to generate.
  • Recurring Budgets: Use time budgets to control and bill for maintenance work or other recurring services in a long-term project.
  • Time Thresholds: Define your own time thresholds in % or absolute times and use color coding to see when you need more time than planned.
  • Financial Thresholds: Set financial thresholds to identify when you reach or exceed the planned cost of a Project.
  • Project Reports: Using a traffic light system in a clear report, see which Projects are in the green and where your attention is needed.

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