Project Management

Execute on your Plans with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Project Management

Execute on your Plans with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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CRM Daylite Mac individueller Projekt Workflow.png

Your individual project workflow

Create templates to use across similar projects and have yourself and all project members receive automatic reminders of upcoming tasks.

CRM Daylite Mac Projekt Kommunikation Mail.png

The entire project communication at a glance

Source e-mails, presentations, and all relevant project information directly on your Mac or on-the-go through your iPhone & iPad.

CRM Daylite Mac Projekt Kunde Informationen.png

Access to all customer information on the project

At a glance, you can see designated roles within a project and access a wealth of information such as phone numbers, appointments, and e-mails of individual contacts.

Streamlined planning thanks to automated tasks

Knowing the project phase you’re in is not only important for your own planning but also improves your ability to communicate with customers and partners. With Daylite, you can create individual project templates. For each project phase, you can designate roles and timelines for each individual task – including those for yourself! This not only provides a healthy overview of the project but also gives you a before-and-after comparison of how your project calculations measured up.

Most important features

  • Workflows: Create your own workflow with self-defined project phases
  • Blueprints: Generate blueprints for tasks within a project
  • Scheduling: Automatically calculate completion dates
  • Tasks: Easy recording and delegation of additional tasks
  • Task management: Work with task lists within the project
  • Project information: Store important project files directly in Daylite
  • Transparency: Access to all project communication
  • Responsibilities: Assign roles and responsibilities for each project
  •  Visualization: Receive a visual representation of the different project phases

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