Kanban Boards

for agile project management

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Kanban Boards

for agile project management

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


Project tasks appear as tickets in Kanban

Project tasks are displayed as tickets on your Kanban Board.

Custom columns for individual workflow

Create custom columns to accurately track the progress of a task.

Delegation per Drag-and-Drop

Move tickets to other lanes and delegate tasks to other team members.

Boards for projects, opportunities & contacts

Gain more control over your projects by viewing all open tasks by completion status on a board. The number of individual tasks is reduced as you can more clearly see the stage of completing a job. Group tasks by priority, agent, or category. This way, you can quickly see where things are sticking in your project and the workload of an individual employee.

Make your sales process more manageable by working with a board on opportunities. Create your board to control all pending and completed tasks in the sales process.

Use our ContactBoard to visualize the development of a person or a customer in Kanban style. Recruiters can see at a glance which candidate is in which status. Real estate agents can see at which level a prospective buyer for a property is.

Most important features

  • Columns: Freely definable columns for each board.
  • Board Templates: Create and manage board templates for recurring projects.
  • Subtask: Visualization of subtasks.
  • Delegate: Delegation of tickets via drag-and-drop or right-click.
  • Task Chains: Use of Daylite activity records in boards..
  • Arrangement: Grouping of tickets by priority, user or category.
  • Automation: Scripts allow automatic actions when a ticket reaches a column.
  • Roles: Kanban methodology for people: Change the role of a person with the move to a column.

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