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Kanban Boards

for agile project management

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Kanban Boards

for agile project management

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


Project tasks appear as tickets in Kanban

Project tasks are displayed as tickets on your Kanban Board.


Custom columns for individual workflow

Create custom columns to accurately track the progress of a task.


Delegation per Drag-and-Drop

Move tickets to other lanes and delegate tasks to other team members.

Start enjoying project management with a better overview

Gain more control over your projects by displaying and sorting all open tasks by processing status on your board. The number of individual tasks is reduced, as you’re able to view the degree of completion for any task. Group the tasks by priority, agent, or category; this way, you can quickly see which tasks are stalling and the individual workload of each employee. Additionally, Daylite activity can set and define individual task packages as templates. With activity sets and subtasks in tickets, you can make even larger, complex projects as Kanban Boards.

Most important features

  • Columns: Freely customize and define columns for each board
  • Board templates: Create and manage board templates for recurring projects
  • Subtasks: Clearly visualize subtasks
  • Delegation: Delegate tickets through drag-and-drop or by right-clicking
  • Activity sets: Use Daylite activity sets in Boards
  • Layout: Group tickets by priority, user, or category

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