Online Calendar

Online appointments with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Online Calendar

Online appointments with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


Book appointments online through your website

Give your customers the opportunity to book an appointment anytime on your website. Only available appointments in Daylite will be featured on the website. Once an appointment is booked, it is displayed in the Daylite calendar.


Group appointments

Offer group appointments and allow multiple customers to register for webcasts or training courses simultaneously.


Reminder function

Dictate the frequency of appointment reminders sent to your customers through text and e-mail. The memory chain runs automatically.

How to save time and money on appointments

Put a stop to the tedious nature of back-and-forth emails with your customers by letting them schedule their own appointment online. With Daylite, customers can source and book available appointment dates through your website. You determine the rules of the game; overseeing when appointments can be booked and with whom.
Within your defined time parameters, the entries in your Daylite calendar mark which times are available. If you’re dealing with a prospective customer, they are automatically entered into the Daylite Data Record thanks to Acuity Scheduling. This streamlined service can easily be integrated into Daylite through an extension.

Most important features

  • Easy integration: Easily integrate appointment booking on your website
  • Define appointment conditions: Define appointment conditions; determining who is available during specific time slots
  • Availabilities: Appointments in your Daylite calendar appear as blocked times on Acuity
  • Reminders: Automatic appointment reminders sent by e-mail and SMS
  • Data records: New customers are imported as contacts in Daylite
  • Daylite reminders: Use the reminder function for appointments created in Daylite
  • Zoom links: Zoom links are automatically generated and included in appointment confirmation e-mails.
  • Integration of Slack: With the integration of Slack, appointment bookings are visible in our own Slack Channel
  • Group events: Ability to offer group events
  • Appointment payments: Directly settle appointment payments with the Stripe integration.



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