Opportunities & Offers

Your own sales workflows in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Opportunities & Offers

Your own sales workflows in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Define your sales workflow

Create your own workflow as a template for all sales processes. Work with checklists and follow-ups.


Use custom offers templates

Create your own offers and send them as a PDF with one click.


Rate your success

Analyze why you win sales opportunities and identify the reasons for lost opportunities.

Standardize your sales workflow

Only a consistent approach to sales allows you to compare your sales. To determine why you win or lose an Opportunity, everyone in the team must work the same way. Use stages and tasks to define who has to do what in your team and when they should do it. Daylite helps you to create meaningful forecasts. This makes your sales projections more accurate and at the same time you support every member of your sales team in their daily work. Everyone knows the next step and will be reminded by Daylite at the right time. In the Opportunity history, you will find the complete communication history including all emails exchanged with the prospect. With Plus Package for Daylite you can even send offers as digitally signable PDFs.

Most important features

  • Your own sales workflows: Save your sales processes as a workflow and make your sales know-how available to the team.
  • Your own offer templates: Create offers in PDF format with just one click and send them by email.
  • Monitor your success: Check why you win or lose opportunities. Save your own reasons and analyze your sales opportunities afterwards.
  • Forecasts: Create a precise sales forecast. Daylite helps you to determine when you can expect which sales.
  • Activity sets: Let a smart follow-up system remind you in time of your next step.
  • Opportunity history: Follow the activity stream of each sales opportunity. All relevant emails are automatically linked.
  • Digital signature: With Plus Package for Daylite, you can connect the SimpleSign service and send offers as signable PDFs.

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