For our Daylite 6 Self-Serve customers, February 28, 2019 is an important date because this is the day that Marketcircle will discontinue technical support for Daylite 6 Self-Serve. You can read more about this decision from Marketcircle here.

What should you do to keep Daylite 6 Self-Serve up and running?

1. Update the iO PluginCenter to the latest version. This will ensure that you can continue to use your purchased plugins reliably with Daylite Legacy.
Please note: If you are using Daylite Legacy or Daylite 6 Self-Serve, do NOT upgrade your operating system to macOS Mojave. More about compatibility

2. Install the latest self-serve version of Daylite 6, which is now called Daylite Legacy.

If you want to use the new features of macOS Mojave, iOS12 and all future OS releases, switch to Daylite Cloud and benefit from the latest features in Daylite and iO plugins.