Automatic time tracking is becoming more and more important. Let’s be honest: time tracking is cumbersome and gets neglected often. Who really puts in the effort at the end of the workday to track all of the day’s activities like computer times, meetings, phone conversations consistently? Even more important: Who can even remember all activities of a day? Often this is just guesswork. Lastly: even the tracking costs you time that you can spend more productively.

The moment of rude awakening is usually when billing project times: inaccurate tracking of project times impacts revenue.

This is where our new partner timeBro comes into play: timeBro is a Mac and PC app that tracks all activities on your computer. TimeBro doesn’t just remember what applications you use but also files and websites.

To be upfront: This data is only saved locally on your computer. Data security and privacy are guaranteed. You decide yourself which data you’ll send to Daylite. With one click these tracked times can be associated with Daylite projects and become part of the budget controlling in Time&Budget.

As a Time&Budget user you get 40 % discount for each timeBro user. To make the discount available, go to Time&Budget within the iOSXpert PluginCenter and navigate to integrations.

If you’re not yet familiar with our project and controlling plugin Time&Budget for Daylite you can learn more following this link: More about Time&Budget

More details about integrating timeBro in Daylite are located in our HelpCenter:

How do I setup timeBro for time tracking with Daylite?

How do I record times in timeBro and send these to Daylite?


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No other division is as number-driven as sales. What does the forecast look like? How can I optimize my sales potential? Using your gut feeling is outdated. Daylite already offers you some tools to manage your sales. As strategic planning instruments, iOSXpert now offers you 2 new reports: Sales Forecast and Sales Analysis.

Sales Analysis

Optimize your sales potential through a differentiated analysis of your sales opportunities: Which sales opportunities have been closed, which have you lost.

Define a time period to analyze which sales volume and how many opportunities have been won, lost, postponed or discarded for which reasons. You can customize these reasons in the Daylite settings.

A grouping by categories reveals further optimization potential and presents the reasons in a clear table. The number and volume of opportunities are also displayed as pie charts in order to always keep an eye on the distribution.

The color scheme is clear and can be adapted to your corporate design using the Report Designer.

CRM Daylite - Sales Analysis Report

Sales Forecast

View your sales opportunities from a new perspective. In just one report you get an overview of your past and future sales opportunities, can quickly make decisions or improve existing processes.

CRM Daylite Sales Forecast Report

The report is highly customizable to your needs:

  • Select all sales opportunities or one of your smart lists with a selection of sales opportunities.
  • The value of the opportunity can be defined by volume, cost of goods or profit.
  • For sales opportunities that are still open, the value can be displayed based on the probability entered or in relation to the pipeline level reached (at 2 of 4 levels = 50%).
  • The time periods can be displayed as weeks, months, quarters and years.
  • You can set how many time periods you want to view in the future and/or the past.

The now selected parameters determine which opportunities are displayed.

In the display, you can define whether you want to group the opportunities by:

  • Opportunity category
  • Opportunity type
  • Owner/Sales Representative
  • Products & Services

A further Y-axis represents not only the volume of the sales opportunity but also the number of opportunities.

This gives you a “toolbox” for almost any controlling question in a single report.

Want to learn more about our reports?

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• How can I use an iOSXpert report?

• How can I customize an iOSXpert report?

How do I install the iOSXpert PluginCenter?

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Many of our customers use the Mailchimp connection via the iOSXpert extension Marketing&Chat and have missed a function so far: From now on you can transfer the birthdays of your contacts, which you have stored in Daylite, to Mailchimp. Conversely, you can also store birthdays recorded in Mailchimp in Daylite.

Mailchimp is thus able to automatically send birthday emails at the right time. With this function your mailings will be even more personalized: Show your customers your appreciation with automated birthday wishes and prove at the same time that Customer Success is not a foreign word for you.

Read our HelpCenter article to find out how you can use this new function or book a training session to learn all about this new functionality.

How do I install the iOSXpert PluginCenter?

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As a Web&Map user you already know the advantage of using websites and services within Daylite.

With the latest update, you can now also open any web address saved in Daylite within the Web tab.

A small blue Safari icon next to the web address opens the link in the Web tab of your record. So you don’t have to leave Daylite when you want to get information from your customer’s website.

CRM Daylite - Web&Map - Open In Web Tab

For all those who open web pages via the address label, we have also included a choice here.

CRM Daylite - Web&Map - Open In Web Tab

Want to learn more about Web&Map?

How do I install the iOSXpert PluginCenter?

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