Fone&Text, the Daylite extension for integrated telephony, is now enriched by an interface: Bria, one of the world’s leading VoIP softphones, is now compatible with Fone&Text.

Boost your productivity with Fone&Text and bring more insight into your complete customer communication. Initiate outbound calls with Bria with a single click directly from Daylite and automatically display the matching Daylite contact with all the details for incoming calls. Log the call and link it to the Daylite contact. The information is stored as an appointment, task or note or delegated to a colleague as a callback request. No relevant information will get lost. If the caller does not yet exist in your Daylite database, create it directly from the Fone&Text caller window as a new person or company. The phone number is automatically stored in the newly created contact. Generate meaningful reports with Daylite based on the data collected with Fone&Text, who has been on the phone for how long, who has been reached – who hasn’t?

With the compatibility of Fone&Text with Bria, the leading VoIP softphone on the North American market, we have closed a significant gap. Bria is the flagship product of the Canadian manufacturer CounterPath. Because Bria is based on SIP and Open Standards, it is compatible with the most common devices.

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