The latest addition to the iOSXpert plugin family is Daylite Slack Integration. Slack is a hub for your internal communication, making it easier and more efficient. We have integrated Slack as a new feature into our EmailMarketing plugin. Because of this addition, EmailMarketing expands from managing external communication to also include internal communication, we are changing the name of the plugin from EmailMarketing to Marketing&Chat.

When we started looking for a chat tool to collect and streamline all internal communication, including informal “water cooler” conversations, it didn’t take long for us to find Slack.

Every iOSXpert has access to Slack and can chat directly with every colleague 1:1 about the details for projects or background information about customers. In addition, we have what are called “channels” for certain topics, such as customer feedback, new releases or Beta tests. Every employee can join these channels, monitor communication and actively participate. Documents, images or video can also be shared via Slack.

When we start beta tests of new features or integrations, we also invite our customers to a beta slack channel. With Slack, we get direct feedback from our customers or answer their questions much quicker, without long confusing email chains. The complete history of a Slack chat is also visible to people who have jumped into the middle of a project and is fully searchable. If you want to communicate even more directly, you can also use Slack to make audio or video calls or screenshare for presentations.

Slack impressed us so much that we integrated Slack into Daylite. This means that the chats can be accessed in Slack on Mac, iOS, Android or Web, but you can also create a new Slack channel associated with a project, person, company or sales opportunity in a new widget view in Daylite and invite your colleagues or customers to join you. With the Slack integration we receive notifications about new chats directly in the macOS notification center. Or see badges in the Daylite sidebar when there is something new in Slack. Everyone can follow the conversation, actively participate and ensure that everyone on the team has the same information.


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 How do I set up Daylite Slack Integration?

The Slack chat is displayed on the linked Daylite record the new widget view, below the activity feed giving you quick access to the discussions around your project.

Chatting with Slack saves a lot of time, but it’s also super fun! Does email have a quick shortcut to insert an animated GIF? We think not.

And the free version of Slack is quite useable for smaller teams, maintaining a history of up to 10,000 messages supports 1:1 video conferencing. For the Daylite integration every user needs the Marketing&Chat plugin.

The features at a glance:

– Complete integration of the Slack user interface in Daylite.
– Quickly create Slack channels linked to people, companies, opportunities, and projects via the widget view.
– Receive push notifications for new Daylite chats on your Mac or via Slack app for iPhone or Android.
– A link to the Daylite record is stored in the Slack channel as a pinned message.
– Includes support for multiple Slack workspaces in Daylite.
– Slack runs on any OS.

You don’t have Marketing&Chat yet? For less than you’d expect you can add MailChimp & Slack integration to your Daylite.

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