With the latest release of Web&Map, we deliver a number of great improvements for your Daylite workflow!

Use the web to capture addresses

In the edit card for creating new companies you will now find a loupe symbol next to the name field. Click on the loupe to start a search for addresses in Apple Maps.

Are you looking for the nearest Starbucks? Just enter the name and with one click you can transfer the address, phone numbers and URL from the web to your Daylite database. Capturing address details has never been quicker!

Do you have an existing address, but the state or postal code is missing? Using the map symbol next to the address field, you can now automatically complete your addresses!


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Improvements in the Map section of Web&Map

The map section of Web&Map in the sidebar can do even more now! Search for addresses or company addresses directly in the map section. You can choose whether the search is to be carried out in your Daylite database or on the web. Company data from the Apple Maps service can be transferred to your database with one click, and you can start a vicinity search right away.

Do you want to know which customers you have in New York close to the Time Square? Simply search for the Time Square and click on vicinity search!

Do you have many on-site appointments and would like to display those on a map? Now you can also add coordinates to your appointments and display them in Web&Map.

Test the new functions in Web&Map today. By the way, for all subscribers of Web&Map the new functions are completely free of charge.

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