A clear, agile project management tool with visualized workflow and simple drag & drop editing – that’s exactly what we wanted in our project planning. With the integration of Kanban boards into the iOSXpert Time&Budget plugin, we realized exactly that. The Kanban integration in Daylite is a little revolution for us, because it raises your project planning to a whole new level.

Kanban was originally developed by Toyota to optimize production processes. Later, Kanban was used more and more in software development and increasingly in other industries for project planning. We found a video by Michael Henze + Partner on the internet that illustrates Kanban.

This is what a Kanban project in Daylite looks like:

Kanban - Time&Budget

Project planning can hardly be more descriptive. Each column represents a processing status (open, in progress, pending, etc.). Add new columns, name them and create as many tickets, i.e. tasks, as you need. Color-code each task via the category. When a ticket is edited or completed, it is simply dragged and dropped into the corresponding column. The task status is automatically adjusted immediately. Team members who take over tasks within the project or are linked to the project are displayed in swim lanes. Tickets can easily be delegated to other project members via drag & drop. This is ‘hands-on’ project planning.

Your project management becomes much clearer: At a glance you can immediately see which tasks are still open, which are already being processed and who is currently responsible for which task. Overdue tasks are highlighted in red. This enables you to identify bottlenecks or delays immediately.

You don’t have a Time&Budget yet? From just $10.00 per month or $108.00 per year, you can expand your Daylite into a comprehensive project and controlling tool.