It’s 3:30 PM. You’re sitting at your desk staring at another blank email window. The cursor blinking at you, taunting you to write words with every pulse. A sense of deja vu comes over you as you start writing yet another follow up email to a prospect. Your thoughts wander as you try to figure out whether you’re feeling like you need more coffee or have had way too much already.

These days we all send emails that are very similar to one another, if not pretty close to identical. “Just following up” or “I wanted to confirm our meeting” or “Here’s that proposal I promised you” or whatever phrase you repetitively type, is probably very ingrained in your muscle memory by now.

We love Daylite’s letter templates, but wanted to take this feature even further with the goal of helping you to automate these repetitive emails but still give you the control you need to add personalized elements into them, to keep your customers feeling like the special snowflakes they are.

With the latest version of ProductivityTools, we’ve created a new way to create these email templates and added the ability to create separate templates for appointment invitations, updates and cancellations.


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Template all the things

With a completely new user interface, finding and adding the right placeholders into your messages is much easier. We’ve also added many more options to create emails that give relevant details, such as fields from Projects, Opportunities or Form entries. For example, all people linked to a project or the details field of that project or what pipeline stage an opportunity is currently in.

If you’re already a heavy user of the current letter template feature in Daylite, then you’ll love two features we’ve added:
For each template, you can add a description that appears when you select the template. This allows your colleagues to see at a glance for what purpose a particular template should be used.

And if you have templates that individual users don’t need, they can be deselected by each Daylite user so they only see the templates that are needed.

We have also given you a lot more control to make sure you’re sending the right message before it’s sent. You’ll see that description, select which language to use, choose which email address to send to or remove recipients before sending.

Setting Appointments

A big category of emails these days are those that go back and forth to figure out when a meeting should occur. Inviting colleagues to internal meetings, especially if they are Daylite users is easy. But when it comes time to send meeting invites to clients or suppliers, the world of emailing ICS files around can get a bit messy sometimes. The built in feature for this works, but sometimes you’d like a bit more control over what exactly is sent to your valued clients.

Maybe they have more than one email address? Or are in a different time zone? Perhaps after you’ve sent that initial invitation, you decide to change the meeting time or location? Or have you ever had that moment of panic when you delete an appointment and you’re not sure what kind of inappropriately robotic cancellation email has been sent off in the background?

So, instead of using your computer to help save you time, you type up an email manually with a bit more tact so that your client doesn’t misunderstand the reason for that cancelled appointment.

And for invitation updates there’s a handy placeholder for time and location which will show both the old time and the new time or location.
We also support templates in multiple languages and the various date and time formats for different regions. You can control if you want to send your recipient an .ics file to add the meeting to their calendar and optionally embed the appointment details from Daylite into this attachment so your client could see the agenda you’ve crafted in Daylite.

And if you already use the Zoom Integration included in ProductivityTools, you can also add placeholders for your Zoom meetings to your templates, so they receive the meeting URL and details all in one email.

Get Productive

We strive for continual improvement for all of our plugins so as subscriber to ProductivityTools, these new features are now available to you free of charge.

ProductivityTools adds more than 15 features to Daylite, so start your free 30 day trial today to see how it can help make your days more productive.

All features at a glance:

• Calendar Exporter – publish selected appointments as subscribable iCal compatible files
• Daylite Automator – simplify your workflows with one click
• CalendarAssistant – manage other Daylite users’s appointments
• Email-Templates – create individual templates for appointment invitations and emails via drag & drop

Integrations of external services:
• Zoom – create a zoom meeting from a Daylite appointment with a single click
• Acuity – Online scheduling integration for Daylite

Extend right mouse button:
• Send Daylite tasks and appointments to non-Daylite users via email
• Set due date and estimated duration for any number of tasks and projects
• Display the estimated total duration of several selected tasks or projects
• Turn tasks into appointments
• Duplicate appointments including invited people and linked objects
• Create tasks and sales opportunities for multiple objects simultaneously
• Turn notes into tasks
• Number tasks and subtasks
• Batch process multiple forms at once
• Copy formatted tables from Daylite to the clipboard
• Delegate (multiple) tasks, appointments, projects and opportunities to people or teams

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