“Using Missive has led to the biggest productivity boost for us in the last 10 years. Working with email is finally fun again!”

Responding to customer inquiries promptly and reliably is an important part of general customer satisfaction. We receive dozens of messages from customers every day, most of them by email, but also inquiries via Facebook, Instagram or our website chat. Answering these quickly has challenged us in the past. Not only did some employees have to monitor different inboxes in multiple channels. Often, questions from customers led to internal queries because not everyone can know everything.

Missive is an absolute game changer for us!

All messages now appear in Missive. Whether it’s email, social media, WhatsApp or an SMS – one channel for all messages. And: Missive runs on all devices and platforms!

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Each central account such as sales@iosxpert or hallo@iosxpert is now only monitored by one person. This mail manager can assign each individual e-mail to a specific colleague or a team. If there are queries, you can chat with a colleague from the mail.

For recurring questions, we have answer templates stored in Missive. This has resulted in these improvements for us:

  • The same email is no longer handled by multiple people at once.
  • Requests via social media are no longer overlooked.
  • The inbox of each employee has been drastically reduced.
  • The quality and speed of our responses has increased.

We have used the time thus saved to develop a complete mail assistant that connects Missive with Daylite. This not only gives us a new productivity boost, but also allows us to take full advantage of Daylite.

For our Plus Package for Daylite customers, the new Missive integration is completely free of charge. Daylite functionality within Missive is free to customers without a Plus Package until June 2023. To submit file attachments on the Mac, you will need DayliteDocs. To start conversations with templates from within Daylite in Missive, you will need at least ProductivityTools.

We invite you to join one of our live webcasts to learn about Missive. Ask questions and talk with us to find out how you, too, can have more fun and be more effective when handling your customer inquiries. You can also find out more about Missive and our iOMailAssistant for Daylite on our website.

For those who want to try Missive right away, we have prepared a free beginner’s course in our e-learning portal Daylite Academy. Enjoy it!



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