With all that wet and rainy weather in April we found enough time to add four great new features for you to our Time&Budget plugin. If you are already working hard with Time&Budget we hope you will find the new capabilities to be helpful.

Budget thresholds

The thresholds in projects help you to quickly distinguish whether you are still within the planned time or financial project budget. Nothing is worse than being surprised by bottlenecks. With Time&Budget’s threshold function, you can specify either a percentage or a currency value. If this value is exceeded, a graph within the internal project report shows you how close you are to the threshold you set. This allows you to see at a glance if, for example, 75% of the project budget has already been used up.

Previously, you could define a threshold value for your financial budget and a threshold value for the time budget.

From now on you have the possibility to define any number of threshold values. And not only that: You can now also define default thresholds in the Time&Budget settings. So nobody forgets to enter the threshold values in a project because they are already set automatically when the project is created.

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Convert notes to expenses

Already today we use the Daylite notes as a basis for the recording of external costs and travel times within Time&Budget. Until now, you as a user always had to use the Add Expense button in order to enter an expense and receipt in Daylite.

Now you can convert any note in Daylite into an expense. This new function is especially interesting in combination with our extension DayliteDocs. Now you can automatically scan receipts into Daylite and convert them into an expense with only one click.

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Automatic expenses

This function is also about recording expenses. Often, certain devices or facilities that generate costs are required to complete a project. Think, for example, of a video projector that you have to rent or a recording studio that generates costs when you use it. If you have already stored such objects as a resource in Daylite for planning purposes, you will be even more pleased about our new automatism. It is now possible to assign a cost rule to each resource in Daylite. So now, if you link an appointment that is configured with Time&Budget to a resource it is possible to generate an expense for the selected resource for the duration of the appointment. You can also automate this process. A background process checks all your used resources, generates an expense and can optionally delegate a task to the project manager for controlling purposes.

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Grouped invoicing

Time and again, customers have asked us to make the transfer of times recorded in Time&Budget to invoicing systems such as Quickbooks Online even clearer. Invoices should not contain all the tasks/dates as individual line items, but only the parent task the individual tasks/dates are based on. Group invoicing does just that. The total of all individual dates is displayed as a value in the task to be billed and this can then be transferred to the invoicing program. On the one hand, this ensures a clean look for your invoices; on the other hand, you no longer present your customer all individual tasks/dates in the invoice.

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