Initiate phone calls with one click, use your iPhone to scan documents for Daylite, and work more easily with large Kanban Boards. We used the beginning of the year to improve our popular Daylite extensions DayliteDocs, Boards, and Fone&Text for you.

Our document manager is now integrated even better with Daylite. Now you can also use your iPhone to scan your documents into Daylite!

  • Scan documents with your iPhone with the new Continuity Camera feature quick and comfortably, even when traveling – Learn more

  • Find your documents with the global Daylite search via the file’s content or the file name – Learn more

If you have to make a lot of calls you’ll benefit from a number of improvements in our very popular telephony plugin for Daylite:

  • Handset icon and message icon next to telephone numbers for one-click dialing or sending text messages – Learn more: Call | Text

  • Initiate a call via the contextual menu – Learn more

  • Option in the preferences to always call with the primary phone directly – Learn more
  • Multiple text message providers can now be set up to be used in parallel – Learn more
  • Text message templates are now sortable – Learn more
  • When sending text messages via Twilio you can now use a name instead of a number as the sender – Learn more

Do you often work on big projects with subtasks and many tickets? Then you’ll love the following improvements:

  • Manage subtasks in the ticket dialog – Learn more

  • Tickets can now be also placed in the “No Tasklist” lane – Learn more
  • Possibility to limit the number of tickets displayed – Learn more

Visit our HelpCenter to find out how you can use the new features or arrange a training session today to integrate the new possibilities into your workflows.

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