For many newcomers or people switching to newer hardware the questions arises: „Windows or Mac?” Author Michael Hülskötter gives his ultimate and sometimes subjective list of reasons why the Mac is the better computer:

1. Productivity

Sounds simple but in my opinion Macs can make you more satisfied and more productive than you would have been with an Windows computer. The system itself and also most programs are better and easier for reaching your goals. Less features for more efficiency.

2. Design

Apple Products are prettier. End of story. PCs from other manufacturers hurt the eye to the point of being outright ugly. But it’s not only about the looks. The awesome design of the Mac also brings better functionality. There are a lot of smart details like the MagSafe connector, the battery notification or the useful storage of the apple earphone for the iPod. The design of the user interface is also impressive. Its calm, its beautiful and it works.

3. Software included

Unpack, switch on and start! It works with every Mac because you have all necessary things already included: Great Photos, iMovie, iDvD, address book, mail client, a calendar and many more. I think that 90% of all users will have everything they need right from the start.

4. MS Office

For many people, MS-Office is a very important thing. Of course, there is a Mac version of the software. There might be some minor flaws like VBA or compatibility problems with older exchange servers. But that’s only relevant for users in a Microsoft-based company.

5. OpenOffice

You´re looking for a different package? You can also use OpenOffice on the Mac. A Mac compatible version is NeoOffice which also has the advantage that it can handle the XML-based office file format.

6. Keynote

Talking about office software: Keynote is the best presentation program on the market. Believe me, I used both Powerpoint and Keynote. The design templates and ease of use are also better. You are faster and you get better results.

7. Viruses or trojans

Even if Bill Gates once stated the opposite: Macs are safe! Of course, there is a theoretical risk because a Mac is also only a computer. Ask any specialist and they will say that the Mac is not a „high risk operating system” unlike Windows.

8. Suspend and resume

Ok, on newer Windows notebooks this supposedly works a little better nowadays. But it is still not as fast and easy as on Apple notebooks. When I don’t need my MacBook, I close the lid and the computer goes into sleep mode. When I need it again, I open the lid and it’s back immediately. If it wasn’t for the occasional system update, I would never boot my MacBook.

9. Parallels, Bootcamp and virtual PC

Since the switch to Intel processors, the Mac has become a perfect Windows PC. For those who really need Windows, there is the possibility run it in a virtual environment next to OS X. You can use for example Parallels or Bootcamp on Intel-Macs. In the so-called coherence mode you can even put Windows programs in separate windows.

10. Windows files

The Mac has no problems reading Windows files or mounting NTFS- or FAT-formated storage devices. That means Macs can be easily integrated in Windows environments.

11. No registry

If there is one thing about Windows that I hate, it is the „registry”. It is so frail and untransparent – awful!

12. Program installation and uninstallation

The Mac is a good example for how easy the installation and uninstallation of programs can be. Unpack the program and mount the image (both happen automatically), then drag and drop the program into the application folder, done! Need to uninstall the program? Just drag and drop the program onto the recycle bin.

13. Just do it!

I have said it before: With the Mac you are more productive, everything is easier and often you can do more than with a PC. What i mean is for example the integration of different programs and their functionalities. Every time I have to work on a Windows PC i wonder why I can’t just drag and drop objects from one program to another. Or how much work it can be to connect or disconnect a usb drive.

14. iCloud

Yes, many Mac users don’t like the Apple online service. But I love it and I use it. I love the seamless integration with many Mac programs. Emails, address book, calendar, backup, websites and documents all sync with multiple Macs and iDevices. So easy, so genius!

15. Photos and iTunes

Both are great programs. But I mention them here because of their unique features and their easy usage. It is the way they handle my files. Many files. More than 10.000 photos and counting. iTunes manages as of this day almost 14.000 songs for me and that will also become more in the future. „So what?” you might say. Other PC software does the same thing. No, they don’t, at least not this way.

Let’s look at Photos: I connect my camera, I agree to add my new photos and I’m done. Now I can sort, tag or edit them if I want to. No matter what I change, the original is always kept. There is no comparable program for Windows that is as easy as Photos that i know of.

iTunes is even more important for me. I love to listen to music. I had a huge record collection, later CDs. But iTunes changed the way i consume music completely. I have more fun with my music collection than ever before. One reason for this is the database-like structure and filing. In iTunes it is fun to create playlists, scroll through a huge music collection or just play DJ.

16. Mac OS X talks less

Oh, how I hate Windows for it’s cheeky messages („this computer is at risk”, „do you really want to delete this file?”, „you can disconnect the medium now”…). The Mac does nothing of this sort. All those dialogues and menus. I don’t need them, I don’t want them. Keep it simple!

17. Plug and play

If you can connect something to the Mac, now matter if it’s via USB, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth or WiFi, it just works – immediately. I haven’t seen a camera, that wasn’t recognized immediately by Photos. Synchronizing your iPhone? No problem.

18. Two-button-mouse

There is still a prejudice, that the Mac can only be controlled with a one-button mouse. But those times are long gone. Just connect a multiple-button mouse and you can right-click all you want.

19. WiFi

Apple is always among the first manufacturers to adapt to a faster WiFi standard, even before the official adoption. Even more important is that it works: Mac OS X recognizes a WiFi network automatically and asks if you want to log in. Confirm, enter password, online! When I think about all the problems I had with Windows to log into a Wifi network…

20. PDF

How easy can it get to create a PDF? In Mac OS X the PDF creator is integrated into the system. That means wherever you can print in an application you can also create a PDF. Fast, smooth, trouble-free.

21. Hit me baby

Mac users where often teased by Windows nerds for needing a mouse for everything. But that’s wrong. You can do so many things conveniently by using keyboard shortcuts. You can close an application (cmd + q), minimize a window (cmd + h) or print (cmd + p). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

22. Spotlight, Dashboard, Automator

Ok, the system-wide search is now also implemented in Windows 10. It also has something similar to the dashboard. But for me the dead easy script programming via Automator takes the cake. Not because you can program your own scripts. Almost nobody does that. But developers can use it to implement new, system-wide features.

23. The price is right

Macs are not cheap. But they’re inexpensive when compared to an equally equipped Windows PC with comparable build quality. The difference in price is really little. More so if you factor in the software that is included.

What Apple does not have are bargain buys and notebooks of questionable quality (badly balanced components, cheap displays, bad power management or noisy fans).

Or let me put it this way: A cook would never be satisfied with a $2,99 knife, a hair dresser would never use cheap household scissors. And for my part, as a business man, I cannot afford to use a cheap PC for my daily work.

24. Bonus: „Think different”

Read, marvel and feel good about yourself: That’s the think-different-anthem. They also had a commercial about it.

This article is based off a publication by Michael Hülskötter. You can read the whole article at his blog (German).