Shopware Integration

Integration of a Webshop with Daylite

Exclusive for Daylite on the Mac

Shopware Integration

Integration of a Webshop with Daylite

Exclusive for Daylite on the Mac

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Automatically import Customer Data from your Webshop

As soon as an order is placed in the store, the customer data is directly transferred to Daylite or gets updated if it already exists.


Import orders as forms for further processing

Store orders are imported as Daylite forms to view purchase information directly on the customer record and evaluate it in Daylite.


Updating Daylite data and data quality monitoring

When creating new customers or orders, Daylite tasks are automatically delegated to the responsible employees to control the data quality.

Integration of a webshop with Daylite

Many of our customers offer their services and products in a webshop. To be able to perform segmentation in Daylite based on customer orders and to support customers on the phone, the automated import of these data is essential.

Automatic import plugin for store orders

An extension for Daylite was developed for the customer that automatically imports store orders. Every order is created as a form in Daylite. New customers are created in Daylite and keywords are added depending on the purchased product groups. The customer number of the webshop is transferred to Daylite. This allows for calling up the order data in the webshop directly from Daylite. So for example, changes of payment data or the adjustment of orders can be done directly from Daylite. Possible existing sales opportunities in Daylite are automatically closed when the customer has placed a corresponding order online. Based on the imported data, evaluations and dynamic lists can be created in Daylite. As a result of the online purchase data, marketing and sales activities can be carried out with Daylite.

Most Important Features

  • Automatic import of orders
  • Import/adjustment of master data
  • Order as form allows evaluations and filters in Daylite
  • Backend adjustments to the store system allow the customer to access the webshop directly from Daylite and process the orders
  • Further rules such as automatic closing of opportunities on purchase can be implemented

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