Excel-like Editing of Daylite forms

Exclusive for Daylite on the Mac


Excel-like Editing of Daylite forms


Exclusive for Daylite on the Mac


Table editing function for form data

Faster capture and correction of form data. Each field can be edited directly within the table view.


Totaling of form fields

Totals can be created for individual fields of several forms in table view.


Pivot evaluations with diagrams

Graphical pivot evaluations of form data with free assignment of x and y axes.

Excel-like Editing of Daylite forms

Our customer used thousands of Daylite forms for data collection and analysis. Collecting data via the detailed view of each form was very time consuming. To create graphical evaluations and pivot tables, the Daylite data had to be imported into Excel. And in Excel, the links to further information from Daylite were missing. The goal was to perform the entire data analysis in Daylite and to speed up the collection of data.

Development of a Data Management Plugin for Daylite

In order to meet the customer’s requirements, we developed a separate view for Daylite forms. This allows the editing of each cell in a form directly in the table view. The familiar sorting, fade in and fade out functions of Daylite remain unchanged. With a slide switch, you can switch from the table view to a pivot/graph view. Here, any values from the form can be placed on the x- or y-axis and different diagram representations can also be selected. This allows dynamic, graphical evaluations, similar to those from Excel, within Daylite. The settings of the table view as well as the graphical analysis can be saved as a template and can be changed quickly or shared by all team members.

Most Important Features

  • Table view with editing function for Daylite forms
  • Summation of form fields in the table view
  • Columns can be added or hidden as desired
  • Views can be saved as templates
  • Selection of forms via smart lists possible
  • Pivot evaluations with freely definable values
  • Evaluations can be saved as templates
  • Display of different diagram types via drag & drop
  • Direct filtering of values during display

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