Delegation Feature

Perfect for PAs, in case of vacation or illness

Delegation Feature Daylite.png

Delegation Feature

Perfect for PAs, in case of vacation or illness

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Second reminder bell

Right next to the familiar reminder bell that displays all your personal reminders, there is now a second bell for the reminders of selected colleagues.
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Vacation Substitution

Define how long you will be absent and who should receive your notifications.
CRM Daylite Mac Plugin Vertretung Vertreter.png

Assistance function

Give your assistant permission to process appointment invitations and reminders for you.

Manage notifications of your colleagues

Define who represents you in the company and how long this representation should be valid. Substitutes automatically receive all task reminders and appointment invitations addressed to you. The substitute can accept and cancel appointments on your behalf and mark tasks as completed.

Most important functions

  • Second notification bell displays reminders for representatives
  • Any number of representatives selectable
  • Temporary replacement for illness or vacation possible
  • Each user can select only his own representatives
  • Administrators can manage the representations globally

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