Contact Management

Contact history in Daylite: Keep apprised of what’s going on

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Contact Management

Contact history in Daylite: Keep apprised of what’s going on

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Accessible to all team members

Whether you’re on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, your entire team can access all contacts – even without being online!


E-mail integration

Track all inbound and outgoing email through Daylite, including those sent or received by a colleague.

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Complete customer history

All appointments, notes, tasks, documents, projects, and sales opportunities can be found on a contact record.

Most current information available for the whole team

Keeping up-to-the-minute about your customer relationship is the key to sales growth and keeping your current clients satisfied.
With Daylite’s customer history, you have visibility into every appointment, email exchange, open/completed tasks, and much more.
Regardless of whether you or a colleague has been in contact with a customer, everything is documented and available for your reference – even through your iPhone or iPad.

All elements in Daylite are synced and provide you with a holistic overview of your contacts. See at a glance all your sales referrals, open sales opportunities, and the status of your customer projects.

Most important features

  • Email integration: All incoming and outgoing emails are automatically saved and sorted contextually in Daylite
  • Linking: All objects in Daylite can be linked to a contact; whether that’s your related projects, tasks, or sales opportunities
  • Segmentation: Group contacts based on freely definable criteria
  • Custom fields: Use unlimited free fields to include additional contact information
  • iPhone & iPad: The iOS app included in Daylite turns your iPhone into a CRM Tool
  • Full-text search: Find contacts by street name, parent company, or any search criteria
  • Automatic contact creation: Automatic contact system based on Apple Card with Plus Package for Daylite


  • Apple Maps

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