Connect Daylite with the Mailchimp newsletter delivery system and the Slack instant messaging service with Marketing&Chat. 


New newsletter subscribers are automatically created in Daylite. Newly entered contacts in Daylite are matched with your Mailchimp newsletter recipient group.

You easily access from Daylite to all Mailchimp statistics.


Create Slack channels for people, companies, opportunities and projects to share with your colleagues.


With our comment feature, you can write your message directly on an object in Daylite and select the recipients. They will be actively notified in Daylite and can immediately jump to the mentioned object with one click.



Slack Integration

Chat directly from a Daylite record. Create channels from Daylite and reference Daylite records in Slack conversations.

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Newsletter Management

Send newsletters and see the click behavior of your customers in Daylite. New subscribers of your newsletter are automatically created in Daylite.

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Chat-Mate Integration

Optimize your business processes with ChatMate. With seamless integration and efficient message management, customer care has never been easier.

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