Slack Integration

Use Slack in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Slack Integration

Use Slack in Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Team Chat in Daylite

Our integration brings together the Slack user interface and Daylite. Jump from a team chat in Slack to Daylite projects, opportunities, and contacts.

CRM Daylite Mac Slack Team Chat in Daylite.png

Internal communication on projects and customers

Collaborate with colleagues and exchange information on customer and project datasets. With one click, you can create a project or customer-related slack channel.

CRM Daylite Mac Slack Chat Projekt Kunde Extern.png

Involve customers and partners in projects

Invite external partners into a Slack conversation, which will directly link to a project or customer record.

Benefit from the combination of internal & external communication

A good CRM System allows you to track all customer communication, but the knowledge exchanged internally about a customer or project is equally as important.
Our Daylite Slack integration combines both external and internal communication. Create a designated slack channel for each object and communicate with external clients and team members; all internal information is directly saved on the customer record.

Most important features

  • Slack window in Daylite: With a Slack window in Daylite, you no longer have to jump back and forth between the two apps
  • Slack Reminders: Integrated into Daylite memories, you can receive new message notifications within Daylite
  • Slack widgets: Slack’s widget view allows you to access full chat history in a dedicated area in Daylite. This is available for contacts, projects, and opportunities.
  • Daylite Links in Slack: Create Daylite links in Slack. With one link click, you will land directly on the right Daylite object
  • Multiple Slack workspaces: Work with any number of workspaces in Daylite



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