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Missive – All Features

Everything you need for your Business Communication


Team Inboxes

  • Role-based assignment of incoming mails
  • Active members receive notifications
  • Observers do not receive notifications
  • The entire team is always informed

Free E-mail Provider

  • Missive supports any email provider
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Personal mailboxes
  • Google Groups




  • Automate your workflows and enrich conversations with info from the web.
  • Web hooks
  • Share content with Missive
  • Use third-party integrations


  • Check in with colleagues or discuss over email.
  • Stop forwarding emails and save on purchasing chat programs.
  • Flexible chat options
  • Emoji support
  • Formatted chat

Assign Emails

  • Assign email conversations within emails or chats.
  • Select a specific person or an entire team.


  • Use appointments, reminders, and reminders.
  • Integrate Google and Outlook calendars and accept appointment requests.

Email Templates

  • Reply faster and more professionally with email templates.
  • Templates can contain text, images, and even variables.

Collaborate on Emails

  • Collaborate with your colleagues to set up emails in real time and share file attachments.

Managed Signatures

  • Create standardized signatures and manage them centralized.
  • Include images and links.
  • Use rich text or HTML.

Social Media & SMS

  • Manage all your inboxes combined.
  • Missive manages not only emails, but also SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Shared Labels (Tags, Keywords)

  • Organize your conversations with labels to make them easier to find and monitor.
  • Personal labels
  • Company-wide labels
  • Hierarchical labels

Keyboard Commands

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to work even faster with Missive:
    • Search
    • Navigate
    • Assign
    • Custom aliases
    • App and conversation actions

Block Read Trackers

  • Keep email senders from tracking your emails.

Send later

  • Set when an email should be sent.
  • Pinned conversations
  • Pin important conversations to your sidebar with drag-and-drop ease.

Automatic Email Distribution

  • Choose between four different methods to automatically assign incoming emails to your teammates:
    • circulating
    • the least engaged team member first
    • all together
    • randomly


  • Connect your CRM or ERP system, Dropbox, Trello, Zoom or create your own integration.


  • Automate recurring tasks with a complete rule editor.
  • Rules can refer to different objects:
    • Incoming emails
    • Outgoing emails
    • User actions

Merge Tags in Templates

  • Customize your templates with merge tags.

Out of Office

  • Set yourself to “Not available” in case of illness or vacation.
  • Emails are automatically assigned to your colleagues.

Missive Website Chat

  • Chat with visitors on your website from within Missive.
  • Customize the website chat in your design.
  • Set availability times.
  • Identify your chat visitors.

Contact Management

  • Manage your contacts in personal and corporate address books.
  • Synchronize with Outlook or Google address books.
  • Create groups and organizations.
  • Use API endpoints.

Single Sign-On

  • Arrange employee access to Missive with single sign-on providers.
    • Okta
    • Azure Active Directory
    • SAML

Custom Swipe Gestures

  • Create your own swipe gestures for iPhone and iPad.


  • Create tasks for yourself or for your team members.


  • Create follow-ups for emails to be reminded at the appropriate time and clean up your inbox.


  • Minimize errors with the undo function.
  • Define delay times according to your wishes.

Attachment Reminder

  • Never forget to include an attachment again.

Filters and Search

  • Set filters on mailboxes and search precisely in thousands of e-mails.

All Attachments in one Click

  • Download attachments with a single click.

Multiple Organizations & Teams

  • Create any number of organizations and teams.

Links to Conversations

  • Copy the link to a conversation and share it with colleagues.