Budget & Project Management

Profitable projects with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Budget & Project Management

Profitable projects with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Keep your project budget under control

Daylite helps you maintain control of your projects and can detect early on if you’re diverging from the defined time or budget allocated per task. You can set time and financial thresholds and monitor the same through a graph depiction – helping you identify when your project budget is running low.


Calculate your project times

Project times and costs recorded in Daylite can be easily transferred to a compatible billing system, making invoicing a breeze!


Better calculations with the target-performance comparison

Using real-time analysis and reports, you can ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice. With the integrated target-performance comparison, you can identify which phase of the project was out of scope and steadily improve your calculation for next time.

Only profitable projects are good projects

Hand on heart, can you recount how many hours you worked on your last project? Can you say with confidence that you complete each project on time and within budget?
With Plus Package for Daylite, project control is transparent and straightforward.
Using the target vs. actual comparison option, you can define time thresholds for each work step and receive real-time insight into how the actual term is performing against your planned estimate. Not only the booked times of your employees are taken into account, but also their individual costs and expenses accrued during the course of the project.

Most important features

  • Recurring tasks: Enter planned times for recurring tasks
  • Threshold values: Define individual threshold values for time and financial budgets
  • Accounting: Automatically transfer the hours worked on a project to a compatible accounting system
  • Reports: Create meaningful reports either for internal use or your customers
  • Post-calculation: Identify strengths and areas of improvement in the post-calculation
  • Profitability: Identify which projects you’re earning money with

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